Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Methods Website
Contains a series of peer-reviewed reports on methods for conducting rigorous impact evaluations.
What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) Handbook
Provides a detailed description of the procedures and standards by which the WWC reviews studies.
WWC Briefs
Explains the rules the WWC uses to evaluate the quality of studies for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers.
WWC Webinars
Contains a series of webinars on how to meet WWC standards for various evaluation designs.
Opportunities to Learn What Works
Motivates, for school district staff, the need to conduct randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to learn what works and to identify opportunities to conduct RCTs.
Conducting Opportunistic Experiments
Provides a guide for policymakers and researchers on how to recognize and conduct experiments to rigorously evaluate policies and programs.
Optimal Design and PowerUp! Software
Free tools for determining proper sample sizes to obtain precise impact estimates in policy evaluations.
WWC Reviews Using RCT-YES
Considerations regarding evidence review standards when using RCT-YES.